We Make Your Video Inexpensive for You

With a little coaching before we roll the camera and a little homework on your part, your business video will be cost-effective and inexpensive to produce. video production Melbourne Production is typically billed by the hour for a reason. With just a few steps, we will partner with you to create an economical yet highly effective, up-leveled marketing video for your business.

It usually takes us approximately half an hour to set up for shooting an on-camera style video, and half an hour to break down the lights and other equipment and pack up. For your actual production, your preparation is the key to making your video cost-effective for you and your budget.

Know the goal for your marketing video:
· Increase your web site traffic – remember, YouTube is the #2 search engine worldwide!
· Tell people about your service, program, product, location and contact info
· Branding and communicating your company mission and culture
· Building your credibility. Testimonials are great for this!

Marketing videos will drive traffic to your web site in addition to directly relaying the information about what you offer and how to contact you to do business with you.

Choose Your Video Style
For a basic, introductory marketing video, you can choose to appear in the video, or not. If you do not want to appear on camera, I can script and produce a video using your information, business logos, graphics and photographs, paired with broadcast-quality voice over for a polished and concise professional marketing video.

If you do want to appear on camera, I will work with you to create a clear, confident, relaxed and succinct presentation in your video. How much time is spent producing your video and thus how much it will cost you depends wholly on how prepared you are before I arrive. That preparation and knowing what you want also effects the time I spend in the edit room. That allows me more time to create quality graphics and effects and add great marketing production value into your video.

Once we have signed a contract for the production of your video, we can meet for 15 or 20 minutes (this meeting is ‘off the clock’) to go over your preparations for shooting your video. At this point I will email you further tips and instructions on how to prepare.

On your shoot day I will provide additional coaching and direction. Before we roll, we can rehearse until you are comfortable in front of the camera. A little preparation goes a long way. We will shoot additional video at your location. If you have high resolution photographs and graphics to add to your video please be prepared to get those to us electronically so we can incorporate them into your video.

Planning, preparing and practicing saves time in the edit room, which is likewise billed hourly. Less time spent cutting and splicing means less cost for you!