How To Maintain And Clean Solar Panels

Whilst solar panels do not require a great deal of maintenance it is a good idea to give them an occasional clean to help maintain their efficiency, if not to keep them looking as bright and clean as when you first got them installed. Solar Panels Brisbane Solar panels are usually on the roof of a property and therefore are exposed to the elements. Because of this it is quite probable that they will end up with some dirt or dust on them, or perhaps a couple of leaves that won’t budge.

Of course living in the UK means that we get a lot of wind and rain and as such a lot of the dirt and debris will be blown or washed away. But whilst the dirt that is left won’t actually damage your solar panels, it could reduce their performance, so we recommend that solar panels are given an annual clean.

A step by step guide
Cleaning solar panels yourself can sometimes be tricky as they are more than often located on the roof, so from a safety perspective the best option could be to get in touch with a reputable solar panel cleaning company. However, if you are going to attempt to clean solar panels yourself please take the following steps as a guide:

1. Get hold of the right materials and equipment including a ladder or access platform, warm soapy water, telescopic cleaning pole with window washer sleeve, and a hose.

2. Access the rooftop using a ladder or access platform used in accordance with HSE guidelines – click here for the guidelines.

3. Using the telescopic cleaning pole and window washer sleeve clean the panels using warm soapy water. If you have more than one row installed, start with the top row first and work towards yourself.

4. If you are using a ladder, to avoid over-reaching, reposition the ladder and repeat step 3.

5. When all of your solar panels are sufficiently cleaned rinse them off using a garden hose to leave them sparkling and clean!

Please note that we do not advise getting onto the actual rooftop at any time to clean solar panels, due to the danger of height combined with the water.

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