Skoda A Big Car That’s Little Trouble

 Skoda, a luxury car from the Volkswagen group, is making a name for itself in UK and Australia as a big car that is little trouble to operate.  Th Skoda, unlike many other cars does not require the owner t make frequent trips the service center for regularly scheduled routine maintenance.  The Skoda only needs to be serviced every 12 months or every 15,000 kilometers, which ever comes first.  This helps owners not only save time that could be spent with their family, but also in expenses.  The best Skoda service centre in Perth is definitely Elite Euro.


The Skoda is one of the few luxury cars that runs on diesel.  It is so efficient that fuel mileage is reported to be as high as 100KM per 5.5L.   This efficiency continues on different types of roadways and even on trips into the mountains.  For owners who live in areas in hot or cold temperatures, running the air or heat does not seem to effect the fuel consumption.

The Skoda is one of the roomy luxury vehicles.  Families are able to fit into it with ease and even have room left over for luggage, the babies diaper bag and toys, or even the family pet.  In Europe it is sometimes used as an alternative to a limousine.  Even with all this roominess fuel efficiency is not effected.


Skoda is dedicated to making sure that their cars run at its absolute best.  Skoda certified service centers offer digitalized service records.  This way if your traveling and need to stop at a Skoda service center your cars history is available for the technician.  No more papers with smears of grease on them, but clean, complete and up to date information on your car in the blink of an eye.


Skoda service centers, like many other luxury car centers,  employees technicians that are certified by

Skoda to work on vehicle.  They are trained on the latest diagnostic equipment and use only specialized tools on your vehicle to have it running at optimal performance.  If the technician discovers that your vehicle needs repairs, then only authentic Skoda parts are used.  Using parts that are  not genuine may damage your vehicle.  Using a non-certified technician may void your warranty.  Skoda service centers will check your tires and wheels to make sure that they are properly inflated and rotate them to make sure wear is even.  Skoda technicians even check the axle to ensure that it is not damaged.  Air conditioners are also not a problem.  During you routine service check up a technician will check it for  cracks, proper pressure, leaks and replace the fluid if needed.


At Skoda, service isn’t only about ensuring that your vehicle is properly taken care of.  Skoda also takes care of the customer.  Service centers  offer an express service that allows you to wait while certain small task are being completed.  Even shorter on time, Skoda offers customers the option to book their time in advance to make the wait even shorter.  Skoda also resets you radio to the stations that you had programmed into it if they must pull they battery.  The technicians will even put your seat back into the position which you left it in.


Skoda is a big car with little hassle.  From servicing to fuel efficiency this luxury car manufacturer believes in delivering.